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'Vistes al mar'

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It was in front of the sea where they got together to start Quartet Vela. They were in their early twenties and were strolling along the dock of the port of Barcelona on one of the last sunny mornings of autumn. Since then, Quartet Vela has offered concerts in several places in Europe: Catalonia, Denmark, the Balearic Islands, Germany, Italy... Many times, from their vantage point, they were facing the sea; and their desire was always to continually expand the saxophone quartet repertoire.


In 'Vistes al mar' (Gazing at the sea), Quartet Vela invites us to traverse an ocean that they have not crossed thus far, the Atlantic, through eight works that an ensemble like theirs has rarely or never recorded. This journey, warm and encompassing, shows us how two territories so intimately linked by their respective histories sound, such as the Catalan-speaking lands and Chile - both kissed by the sea in land and culture. What music identifies them? How do the popular melodies of these cultures sound? What is composed and being composed at this moment in time? This album demonstrates the insurmountable versatility that a saxophone quartet can exhibit and it is dedicated to all the people who find their hearts drawn towards more than one land.

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Barcelona is much more than simply its most recognizable sites: those on postcards, on souvenirs, in tourist guides. Barcelona is also, and above all, its community; the icons that continue to resist the pressure of tourism, those that have marked the lives of others who inhabit its streets all year round. The sonorous universes of coexistence – and often struggle – between these facets is what you will find on this album. What a fascinating challenge to make us close our eyes and picture Barcelona! A hundred years ago, in the world of architecture, Antoni Gaudí would surely have chosen the trencadís technique to capture this diversity that is so inherent to Barcelona; that sometimes shines, sometimes scratches, and always makes us think, hence the name that the Catalans Elisabet Iserte and Carla Obach have given to their new project. Trencadís contains six original works by composers for whom Barcelona has been home at some point in their lives. There are established names and emerging names who bring new perspectives to the table. All of them have met the same challenge, each with their own musical style: that a cello and a saxophone – a very unusual duet on stage – evoke an emblematic corner of Barcelona. The result is an album with a unique sound, diverse and at the same time accessible, interesting, and enjoyable to listen to. In Trencadís, the ensemble goes beyond the scores: the performers live almost 2,000 kilometers apart and are tackling this new project after 23 years of friendship.

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'Sonate pour Pierrots'


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